Nets on the Net: 2/17/10 Edition

Mike Krzyzewski sounded pretty definitive on the Michael Kay show yesterday when asked if he would consider leaving Duke to coach the Nets: I would not. I was asked over the weekend about that after the game. First of all, I have a lot of respect for them. I think it’s a good job, it’s just not a good job for me, and the Nets haven’t offered that. I hate to comment and make it appear that the Nets have done something that they haven’t done. They haven’t done that.

And Rod Thorn sounded pretty definitive about the chances for activity before tomorrow’s trade deadline: “I’d say probably nothing,” Thorn said when asked what the Nets would do. “But you never know. Somebody could call looking for an expiring contract and then we’d be in business. But right now, I don’t see anything of any importance that we have out there.”

Dave D’Alessandro shares his conversation with Mikhail Prokhorov while the two were in Vancouver. Prokhorov still can’t talks basketball until he is officially approved by the NBA.

Is his annual trade deadline list, ESPN’s Bill Simmons lists Brook Lopez as the 14th most untouchable guy in the NBA.

Terrence Williams should have been in this year’s Slam Dunk competition, but when asked about his participation next year by Al Iannazzone, he sounded unsure if he would do it.

The Nets are getting into the pizza delivery business.

TrueHoop’s old friend Kurt Helin talks about the Rod Thorn situation over at his Pro Basketball Talk blog with NBC Sports.