Nets on the Net: 2/14/10 Edition

While denying interest in the Nets head coaching job, give Mike Krzyzewski some credit for humor: “I’ve not been contacted by anybody,” Krzyzewski said. “The guy’s Russian, right? You think he’d hire a Polish guy?

CBS Sports continued to push a scenario straight out of my worst nightmares by speculating that John Calipari could take the head coaching job if offered by the Nets.

Awww… LeBron James is complimenting the Nets again: “The Nets have a lot of talent,” said James, a six-time All-Star in seven pro seasons. “I think Brook Lopez one day will be an All-Star. I don’t see why they are where they are at this point in the season.”

Al Iannazzone on the current state of the Nets: The Nets are in the midst of the best week of their season: they can’t lose a game, and some actual excitement is being generated by the team.

The futility of the Nets is part of the Washington Post’s All-Star break report.