Nets on the Net: 1/9/10 Edition

In addition to the Najera-Humphries trade, here are a few additional news tidbits:

Chris Douglas-Roberts on the new no gambling rules for the Nets: “A couple of guys gamble, but it’s nothing that’s going to affect anybody,” said Chris Douglas-Roberts, who excluded himself from that group. “I relax, listen to music,” he said. “That’s time to get some rest. It depends on how much we’ve been traveling. But I don’t gamble at all. I don’t gamble, period.”

The neighboring Knicks, on the other hand, won’t ban gambling on flights.

Dave D’Alessandro continues to talk to the Nets about their “Twin Towers” approach with Brook Lopez and Yi Jianlian: “To me, that’s something we need to look for, because it’s a huge advantage for us: two 7-footers who can shoot and score,” Vandeweghe said. “You want to maximize that with a high-low game that (emphasizes) interaction together. Unfortunately, I wish you could snap your fingers and it would happen. That’s a work in progress.

Next up for the Barclays Center: $50 million in steel.

Atlantic Yards Report looks at a stretch of Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn that was declared “blighted” by the Empire State Development Corporation. Good rule of thumb mention here: But a friend suggested an easier measure: “If you’re within five minutes of getting decent capuccino, there can be no blight.”

NetsDaily explores all of the team’s draft picks (10) in the next three years.