Nets on the Net: 1/8/10 Edition

Tonight matches up two coaches in Kiki Vandeweghe and New Orleans’ Jeff Bower, who were just GMs before the season began. Plus here’s a money quote from a scout, as reported by Al Iannazzone: As the Nets were blown out by 22 and 30 points in consecutive games against Milwaukee and Atlanta, the little life they showed came in the form of frustration and bad body language. One NBA scout said the Nets are “playing like 15 guys in the last year of their contracts.”

The Nets have banned gambling on the team plane which is an indicator that Gilbert Arenas’ indefinite suspension, was not only about guns.

Dave D’Alessandro talks to Rod Thorn about what might happen with the head coach position once the summer comes: “We’re still going to have a large number of young guys next year no matter what happens in free agency,” Thorn said the other day. “So undoubtedly the next coach has to be good at working with young people, because he’s going to have to bring out the best in those people. Somebody who’s a good X-and-O guy also.”

Bruce Ratner may have some legal trouble.

Apparently Fred Kerber and Terrence Williams have kissed and made-up as Kerber talks to TWill about his recent lack of playing time: “I’m learning from Trenton and KD and these guys [say], ‘Worry about what you can control. Don’t give anybody a reason to take your money or humiliate you,’ ” said Williams, the rookie selected No. 11 from Louisville.

Brook Lopez is featured in a video about Centers: