Nets on the Net: 1/7/10 Edition

Nets on the Net: 1/7/10 Edition

Chris Quinn, welcome to the New Jersey Mess: “Hopefully, I can bring a positive attitude and some positive thoughts and maybe help swing it in the right direction to some extent,” said the 6-foot-2, fourth-season guard from Notre Dame who was inactive all season with Miami after spraining an ankle in training camp and never cracking the rotation.

Nets react to the Gilbert Arenas suspension (per Al Iannazzone):  “It’s unfortunate,” said Jarvis Hayes, who played with Arenas in Washington. “I’m at a loss for words. It’s a serious matter. Commissioner Stern did what he thought he had to do to gain control of the situation I guess.”

Keyon Dooling defends the perception of the NBA in light of the Arenas situation:  “I think our league is a great league,” Dooling said. “However, there are slip-ups. Sometimes one bad apple can have an effect on the whole bunch. Me personally, I would like some of our positive things to get the same attention as our negativity, because people do so many great things.”

In news that has my 1993-self marking out, the arcade classic NBA Jam is making its return with a rumored Wii-exclusive. One blog takes a gander at who the twosomes will be. Can you guess the Nets twosome?

Quick, someone let Brook Lopez tell Brook Lopez about The Onion.

A little late to post, but looks at the impending summertime showdown for free agents between the Knicks and Nets.

Speaking of free agents, Hawks free agent to-be Joe Johnson cares about the record of the team he signs with next summer.

In former Nets news, John Hollinger argues against the Heat picking up Rafer Alston.

Video Clip of the new Atlantic Terminal Pavilion opening, which will eventually tie-in to the Nets new arena in Brooklyn (hat tip NetsDaily).