Nets on the Net: 12/9/09 Edition

Al Iannazzone over at Nets Insider looks at the misfortune of Yi Jianlian.

Recapping the past 24 hours of Twittergate, Dave D’Alessandro adds in his story this morning that TWill’s benching last night was strictly a coincidence, according to Rod Thorn.

On Twitter last night, Terrence Williams compliments his teammates and nothing else.

Bleacher Report says that last night’s win in Chicago proves why the Nets are a better fit for LeBron James than the Knicks.

Some Bulls fans are very upset that Bulls lost to the Nets (hey, they can’t lose every game can they?).

Now that the Nets are winning some games, one fan writes how they still may be able to entertain us.

Forest City Ratner is predicting a groundbreaking in Brooklyn in the “fourth quarter.”