Nets on the Net: 1/28/10 Edition

If you want to see a master at work, check out Kevin Arnovitz’s recap over at Clipperblog, complete with a terrific use of the “Benny Hill Theme.”

Filip Bondy of the Daily News is celebrating the victory: Who’d have expected this, even against a slumping road team with an inglorious history? The Nets forged ahead by 16 points in the second quarter, grabbed their first halftime lead of 2010 and then steadied themselves after a scary third quarter.

Rod Thorn says he won’t trade his lottery pick this season, so don’t ask.

Al Iannazzone writes that Mikhail Prokhorov probably won’t take over as owner until the end of the first quarter, aka, March.

Iannazzone also questions if Chris Doulgas-Roberts is wearing out his welcome?

Terrence Williams on last night’s performance: “I think the game was indicative of the way I played in college — not really scoring the ball, not really needing to,” Williams said. “Just facilitate and pass the ball and still have some control over the game. I was just fortunate enough to do it tonight with the passing ability and defense — that’s what kept me on the floor.”

The Washington Post may have mistimed this column this morning – a piece talking about how the Nets may be the worst-ever.

Devin Harris talks about some of his favorite cars.