Nets on the Net: 1/26/10 Edition

Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie takes another look at the Kidd-Devin Harris trade: The premise, the ideology, was correct. The Nets won the trade that sent Jason Kidd(notes) to Dallas. They acquired a very good, borderline All-Star, point guard. The enjoyed some payroll relief and pulled in two first-round draft picks. Jason Kidd won’t be playing in a few years, Devin Harris(notes) will be. And he’ll be playing well. They won the deal. Without actually winning anything, though. They won the ideology battle but lost the basketball war. Because after turning in a near All-Star campaign last season, Devin Harris decided to take 2009-10 off.

Dwyer also pegs Brook Lopez as an Eastern Conference All-Star.

Scott Howard-Cooper of profiles Yi Jianlian and his success on the offensive end this season.

If the Nets want Amare Stoudamire, Julian Garcia speculates what the Suns want: The Suns are said to be looking for a combination of young players, draft picks and salary relief, all of which the Nets could provide.