Nets on the Net: 1/2/10 Edition

Back from injury today: Jarvis Hayes.

After yesterday’s news out of Washington, the New York Post reports that, Nets players say they’ve never seen guns in their locker room, but they expect about 75 percent of players carry firearms on them.

Chris Douglas-Roberts on LeBron James (per Ben Couch): “LeBron has been my guy since I was a sophomore in high school,” said Nets swingman Chris Douglas-Robets, who will open the game covering James. “I’ve seen (him), played with, played against – there’s nothing you can do to stop the guy. He’s that special, he’s a special player. You just have to play him as a team. He’s like Kobe – there’s nothing you can do to stop him, you just have to play him as a team. It’s a great challenge, and I haven’t played him since I’ve been a professional, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Julian Garcia of the Daily News has the inevitable, “how the Nets can impress (free agent to-be) LeBron James story: Not only will they be as much as $26 million below the salary cap after the season, but they also should have a new billionaire owner by then – Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov – and a new arena being built in Brooklyn. Though a deal is not yet in place, the Nets are also trying to move their home games for the next two seasons to the Rock in Newark, which would be a major upgrade over their current home, the outdated Meadowlands Arena.

Political columnist George Will lashes out against the Atlantic Yards Development, and becomes the latest critic to needlessly mock the Nets basketball team when trying to put down Bruce Ratner: The Atlantic Yards nonsense was compounded when Ratner, to bolster his balance sheet after the real estate collapse, sold the Nets to a Russian billionaire, who stands to benefit from Ratner’s government-subsidized seizure of other people’s property. Those people can only hope that New York’s highest court will grant their appeal for reconsideration on the grounds that Ratner’s argument is about as good as the Nets are. Through Friday, their record was 3-29.