Nets on the Net: 1/17/10 Edition

The Boston Globe calls Chris Douglas-Roberts the Michael Jordan of NBA Tweets for his usage of the Twitter platform.

Dave D’Alessandro reports that the Nets are happy with some of the early activity of Kris Humphries: “I’ve known him since college, and I always followed him in Toronto and Utah and Dallas,” fellow Big-10’er Devin Harris said. “He’s really a great guy. And he’s going to surprise people — he’s strong, solid, and aggressive, which any team needs. You play him a lot, he gets you double-digits.”

It’s amazing how at 3-36, the Nets are still trying to determine why they can’t find any consistency: “I think we get frustrated on offense and it affects our defense sometimes,” Hassell said. “When shots aren’t falling we need to play tougher defense. We get down on ourselves offensively when they’re not falling, and then the lapse happens on defense.”

A profile of Marco Glorious, who has the unfortunate job title of being the hype man for the Nets.

More Atlantic Yards protests at Freddy’s Bar.

Does Yi Jianlian = Andreas Bargnani?