Nets on the Net: 1/16/10 Edition

Well, we now know why Shawne Williams was waived yesterday.  He was charged by police yesterday with four counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture/deliver/sell and four counts of conspiracy to manufacture/deliver/sell a controlled substance, a codeine-based syrup. Both are Class E felonies and carry standard sentences of 1-2 years, on conviction.

Henry Abbott of TrueHoop talks about Chris Quinn, who’s still trying to relocate himself since the trade with Miami earlier this month: But he was frank that this is not a glamorous phase of life. In Miami the weather and wins were nice and plentiful. In New Jersey … “I heard that I was traded, and packed pretty much the biggest bag I had with any kind of winter clothes I could find,” he says. “And on the road trip, I bought a coat, so at least I’d have a coat when I got up here.”

Those who say Devin Harris isn’t a vocal leader didn’t hear him Wednesday night in the locker room: “Since I’ve been here, that was the first time he’s actually been upset like that,” Chris Douglas-Roberts said of Harris. “He wasn’t pointing fingers at anybody. He was upset with himself. He knows it starts with him, and that’s where the emotion came from.”

Chris Douglas-Roberts fights back some more yesterday, telling beat writers he’s not selfish and that he doesn’t appreciate what some Nets “fans” are saying to him: “Nets fans have been all right,” he said. “But it’s just been love-hate since I’ve been here. That’s just how I feel. Earlier on, I wasn’t going to be anything. Then as the season started I was loved. Now that they hear or read a story that they really don’t know what’s true or not – now it’s get rid of him.

With trade rumors swirling, the best a lot of these guys can do right now is talk to their agents to find out what’s what.

Brook Lopez, CDR and Courtney Lee all make ESPN’s top 20 sophomores list.

The Brooklyn Paper questions what security will be like at the new Barclays Arena in Brooklyn.