Nets on the Net: 1/15/10 Edition

Tonight’s Pacers-Nets showdown has one Indy Star writing about another upcoming competition between the two struggling teams: the chance to draft John Wall.

Speaking of which, not a specific “Nets” article, but Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don’t Like looks at the risks of “tanking” to get a superstar in the draft.

Al Iannazzone has a little more from the new Shawne Williams, who’s probably a week away from game shape: “It is a fresh start because it’s a new place, but I feel like I [haven’t] been in trouble in the last couple of years or whatever,” he said. “So I’m not dwelling on anything, trouble stuff or nothing because I’m older now and I know how to act. I’m more mature, a professional now so I’m not even worrying about that.”

Iannazzone, wearing his Nets Insider hat, on the laid back nature of the team: But none of that should matter. Professional pride should take over more often than it does, and when it doesn’t everyone should be upset. It seems since Lawrence Frank left the only person who gets excited and shows emotion is assistant coach Tom Barrise. He laced into the players a few weeks ago in Toronto, drew a technical a few games ago and was said to be a little angry at halftime last night. It’s not Kiki Vandeweghe’s personality to get loud and critical, but he has to do something to fire up his team because his outwardly laid-back style is not working.

Hat tip to Shea23 for pointing this article out to us. looks a point differential to get a team’s “expected” win total. The last part should be alarming to Nets fans.

A formal groundbreaking at the Barclays Arena is getting close. Stay tuned for the next pint-in-hand reaction from Freddy’s Bar.