Nets on the Net: 10/5/09 Edition

For those with ESPN Insider access, Chris Sheridan alludes to a trade that was pitched, but didn’t gain traction this summer involving a swap of Devin Harris and Rajon Rondo of the Celtics.

Charley Rosen of Foxsports has his Atlantic Division preview up. He warns that the Nets need career seasons from several regulars to avoid being the worst team in the league.

In a postgame story after yesterday’s preseason loss to the Knicks, Dave D. mentions that Yi is definitely going to spend an undetermined number of days this month in China playing in their Chinese National Games. When something definitive is determined regarding Yi’s schedule, NAS will follow-up.

The Star-Ledger also looks at Brook Lopez’s dominating games against the Knicks.

Some funny stuff from CDR vis Twitter: Just left West Point. Good to mingle w/the soldiers in progress. I shot a M4 & a Grenade Launcher today. General Fresh. Yes yes. 😉

The Atlantic Yards Report notes how Forest City Ratner was missing from this year’s Atlantic Attic, Brooklyn’s biggest annual street fair.