Nets on the Net: 10/31/09 Halloween Edition

It was the Vince Carter show yesterday before the game. Here, he talks about regrets about not making the playoffs in his last year with the Nets. Julian Garcia talks to Lawrence Frank about how coachable VC was. Ben Couch recounts a shootout VC had with Mickael Pietrus.

Vince Carter talks about how Brook Lopez is going to be a star someday. Dave D. also has some thought from Vince about the team’s younger players.

Courtney Lee may have told NAS last week that he would approach the Magic like any other team, he does admit yesterday that he has a bigger chip on his shoulder when they’re in town.

Meanwhile, last night saw the return of Ryan Anderson as well.

Hardwood Paorxysm calls Brook vs. Dwight Howard the best matchup of centers in the East.

Chris Sheridan at TrueHoop talks with Magic GM Otis Smith who said they wouldn’t have made the trade with the Nets if Courtney Lee and Ryan Anderson weren’t both included.

In some non-Nets-Magic action, John Hollinger lists Devin Harris on his “All-Decline Team” due to his poor second-half performance last year.

Dime Magazine lists Brook Lopez as one of five sophomores you need to watch.

In a Time Magazine piece about athletes and the H1N1 virus (swine flue), Rafer Alston is quoted saying it’s hard to break the habit of shaking somebody’s hand, despite the threat of getting the virus.