Nets on the Net: 10/22/09 Edition

Chris Douglas-Roberts is proving the doubters wrong this preseason.

Members of Mikhail Prokhorov’s Onexim Group were in attendance last night.

Meanwhile, Prokhorov apparently made a great impression with the league this week.

After another successful draw to the Prudential Center last night, the Nets are seriously considering setting up a temporary home there starting next season as they wait for Brooklyn to happen. The one caveat is whether or not they can break their lease at the Izod Center without a stiff penalty.

The differences may be small and hardly noticeable, but the Nets believe they are getting better on the defensive end.

State Development officials are drafting a new deal with Bruce Ratner that may give his Brooklyn development plan a loophole out of creating thousands of units of affordable housing, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

The Orlando Magic follow in the path of the Nets and start a practice jersey sponsorship.

Third Quarter Collapse takes umbrage with the idea that the Magic did not improve with the acquisition of Vince Carter and the loss of Hedo Turkaglu.