Nets on the Net: 10/21/09 Edition

Programming Note: Now that we’re getting into the full-swing of the season, NAS is going to attempt to give you Nets on the Net in the a.m. so you can catch up on your reading with your Cheerios.

Julian Garcia of the Daily News reminds us that after Devin Harris, the only proven scorer the Nets have is Brook Lopez.

Terrence Williams is a very good dunker.

Did Rod Thorn meet with Mikhail Prokhorov yesterday?

Chris Douglas-Roberts thinks the team could be tougher and fight more in practice.

Sean Williams realizes his window in this league may be closing.

Bloggers talks about the merits of the Prudential Center in Newark.

Fanhouse jokes on the Nets’ newest marketing promotion where you can rent a player for an hour if you spend about $25k in courtside tickets.

Atlantic Yards Report talks about how the newest lawsuits could impede forward progress at the Barclays Arena site in Brooklyn and whether or not project opponents will seek an injunction once/if construction begins.

Jac of all Nets looks back at Netstoberfest: