Nets On The Net 10/2/09

Mark is out at the Bruce Springsteen concert (whoever that is) tonight so I will be guiding you through Nets on the Net tonight:

Courtney Lee won’t be playing in the preseason opener Sunday due to some foot issues.  He is going to be shelved for three days, but everyone is reporting that this isn’t too big of an issue.

Rory at Slippery When Nets writes about everything we need to know about the Nets.

Terrence Williams to on his defense:

“I get a joy out of stopping somebody or containing your man, making him turn the ball over or something like that,” Williams said after practice Thursday. “Imagine if all 15 guys think the same thing. The future should be bright.”

Did I ever mention how excited I am about him?

It is strange to see Jarvis Hayes and old in the same headlines…especially when you consider he is only 28.