Nets A No-Show With Playoffs On The Line


Final: 04/13/2015

L 86 113

Given the circumstances — playoffs on the line, home game against a shorthanded Bulls team — hard to believe what just happened. The Bulls turned a seven-point halftime lead into a 22-point blowout in the third quarter, as the Nets provided close to zero rim protection, slow defensive rotations, and almost as many turnovers (4) as field goals (5).

There have been bigger losses by point differential, but with the Nets didn’t just lose the game, they lost control of their playoff destiny. That’s the biggest loss of the season.

Brook Lopez


Some early scoring and the Nets played him & Thad Young smartly to defend Pau Gasol but tonight was proof positive that the Nets need way more than Brook Lopez to win these games.

The team got little from the Lopez-Williams combo that served them so well in the past, as a disciplined Bulls defense cut off passing lanes, and Jarrett Jack was ill-equipped to find Lopez in the same way.