NAS Presents: A Nets 15-Man Roster, Made Exclusively from #NBARank 200 & Below

Fun fact: even though ESPN’s #NBARank has barely cracked the top 200, you can already make a full 15-man roster of Nets players (and free agents):

PG: Jordan Farmar (251), Sundiata Gaines (402), Ben Uzoh (443), Orien Greene (484)
SG: Anthony Morrow (209), Marshon Brooks (347), Mario West (358), Quinton Ross (372)*
SF: Travis Outlaw (271), Damion James (352), Stephen Graham (443)
PF: Brandan Wright (305)
C: Dan Gadzuric (356), Johan Petro (373), Jordan Williams (475)

*-waived on March 31

This would be funnier if it didn’t look eerily like a late March rotation.

Left off this list are Brook Lopez (who has yet to be listed), Deron Williams (same), Kris Humphries (same, as a free agent), and Sasha Vujacic (who was not included in voting due to his binding overseas commitment). Only one of the Nets mentioned – Anthony Morrow – is in the top half of the 500-player list.

While I think the rankings undervalue a few of these guys — to me, the rookies leap out, and Morrow seems a shade low — for the most part, this seems accurate. And that’s scary, especially with your #1 angling for an improved roster.