Nets Launch New “We Are Brooklyn” Marketing Campaign

We Are Brooklyn Kevin Garnett

We Are Brooklyn Kevin Garnett

The Nets have a new slogan once again.

The Brooklyn Nets announced the launch of the “We Are Brooklyn” campaign today. The Nets newest slogan sends a clear message, that during its third season, The Nets are no-longer newcomers, but instead a part of the fabric of the borough.

The Nets introductory campaign theme “Hello Brooklyn” helped introduce the new brand to Brooklyn, while its second campaign “Are You Ready/We’re In” sought to capitalize on a blockbuster offseason that brought in Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

This year, Nets CEO Brett Yormark, explains to Adweek: “Our fan base has evolved from being a little more casual to a little bit hardcore.” As Adweek points out, most of the Nets fanbase indeed resides in Brooklyn, and this new effort plans to solidify that base. (ed. note: we contest that theory.)

The campaign intends to use Brooklyn landmarks, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, in its new campaign along with the team’s personnel. Notably, the first image the campaign release includes Kevin Garnett — another in seemingly dozen of signs that KG will return. Expect to see KG, and others, everywhere: television, web, social media and for NYC commuters on the subway, taxis and even on a Metrocard.

Though the new ad campaign is parochial, the always global-thinking Yormark plugged Nets upcoming preseason games in Shanghai and Beijing, China, and noted some new partnerships the team made on a recent marketing trip through the country.

The best part about those games for die-hards: They’re only a month away.

AdWeek – Brooklyn Nets Launch ‘We Are Brooklyn’ Campaign