Nets Keep Up Winning Ways, Somehow


Final: 04/01/2015

W 100 98

The Nets remain impossible to figure out. They’ve beaten the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. They’ve lost to the Philadelphia 76ers. And they were one off-balance three-pointer from losing to the New York Knicks.

For long stretches, the Nets dominated against what looked like a hapless Knicks team. The pick-and-roll play was on, the Nets ran in transition, the Knicks took terrible shots, and they looked like they were headed to an easy victory and a season sweep. They got the latter, but not the former.

“A win is a win,” after all. And in this playoff race, and on the night we celebrated Jeffrey Gamblero’s life, a man who always thought the Nets would end the night victorious, the Nets will take any win they can get.

Brook Lopez


So, you know how Brook Lopez has done extra work on the offensive glass these days? Sometimes, it ends in a game-winner, which results in an automatic A+ in our grading system.

He scores so easily sometimes. You don’t need a sommelier to know he pairs best with a good Deron Williams.

Beautiful pick-and-roll play between he & Williams culminated in an aggressive layup with 78 seconds left to put the Nets up three.

Happy birthday, Brook Lopez.