Nets Future Draft Pick Details (CHART)


Brooklyn Nets future draft picks, detailed:

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  • “Pick Swap” means the team owning rights to the pick has the right to swap picks with the Nets, if the Nets have a better pick. The Nets then will own the worse of the two picks. For example: the Hawks swapped first-rounders with the Nets in 2015, since the Hawks pick (#29) was lower in the first round than the Nets (#15). The Nets then owned the 29th pick, while the Hawks owned the 15th.

  • Draft picks can be traded up to seven years in the future.
  • “Protections” means the pick is protected if it falls in that range. For example: the 2016 Los Angeles Clippers second-round pick is protected 56-60, so if the Clippers pick falls between 56 and 60, the Nets do not have to swap their pick.

  • The 2019 Nets first-round pick cannot be traded outright before the draft, due to a rule in the CBA that stipulates teams cannot be without first-round picks in consecutive years. If the Nets traded for a first-round pick in 2018, they could then trade their 2019 pick. They could also trade their 2019 pick in a pick swap.