The Nets Finally Have More Threes Than Stephen Curry


The Nets are finally as good as Stephen Curry.

Curry got off to one of the hottest starts in NBA history this year and has kept it running, having far and away the most productive year of any player. That includes a ridiculous 129 three-pointers made in Golden State’s first 26 games.

Joe Johnson’s long-range fire with 5:51 left in the fourth quarter against the Indiana Pacers was the Nets’ 129th three-pointer of the season, tying Curry for the first time this season. Nearly five minutes later, with 53.9 seconds left, Johnson buried another corner three-pointer, which finally pushed the Nets into the lead, with 130 three-pointers on the season to Curry’s 129.

Chart below. (Keep in mind that this chart live-updates throughout the season, so the words herein may not reflect the current status of the chart.)


Though the Nets eventually lost 104-97, they at least picked up one victory.

To think, it only took over 30% of the season before the Nets could tie the league’s best player. And remember, as of this writing, Curry’s 27th game hadn’t even started yet: a revenge match against the Milwaukee Bucks, the only team that’s beaten the Warriors this season. Curry’s production slowed down at the end of his team’s seven-game road trip. Now fully rested, who knows how long this battle will go on?