Nets Fall To Depleted Heat


Final: 12/16/2014

L 91 95


In a game overshadowed early by the team’s touching tribute to fallen Nets fan Jeffrey Gamblero and then a rain delay (yes, a rain delay), the Nets fell behind in the first quarter and never really recovered, making a few runs in the third and fourth quarters but beating themselves with shoddy defensive rotations and poor offensive gameplanning against a Heat team wrecked by injuries.

The Nets didn’t play bad offense so much as they played perplexing offense: on more than one occasion, the Nets moved the ball well, only to somehow end up with an isolation shot late in the shot clock. Or, they’d get the shot they wanted, only to watch it carom off the rim.

It seems like a running gag for this team: you can see the glimpses of what they can be, or even what they should be. But they just can’t be that for a full game.