Nets FA Targets: Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh

Age: 26

Height: 6-10

Position: PF

Key 2009-10 Stats: 24 ppg, 10.8 rpg, 25.11 PER

What to Like About Bosh: Just about everything.  I have been saying that Chris Bosh should be the Nets’ number one target going into this offseason, and I really stand by that statement.  Chris Bosh can play inside effectively, and he can play on outside effectively (Bosh shot about 44% from 10-15 feet, and that is without a post presence taking pressure off of him) and that makes him the perfect compliment to Brook Lopez.  In my opinion, the key to two big men playing together is whether they can pass to each other (going from high post to low post and vice-versa).  We already know that Brook Lopez is a pretty good passer, and in my opinion Bosh can pass the ball a little as well.  Bosh’s assist to ratio was right around 1, and close to half of his assists lead to baskets at the rim (which tells me he should do just fine making entry passes into the post, when he isn’t receiving them).  One more effect a Chris Bosh signing will have is that he will help in the development of Derrick Favors…yup, I said help.  We all know that Favors is raw on the offensive end, with Chris Bosh on the team the Nets can use Favors as a defensive/transition spark plug (what many hoped Sean Williams would develop into) and let him develop and a nice pace on the offensive end.

What’s Not to Like about Bosh: I am forcing myself to pick one here, and because of that I am going to go with defense.  Chris Bosh was ranked 169th (out of all players) on defense allowing .89 points per possession on defense.  Now, it has to be mentioned that Bosh’s Raptors were absolutely awful on the defensive end and with a soft outside shooting 5, Bosh had to cover most centers in the post.  With the Nets, he won’t have to do that since Brook Lopez will be with him patrolling the paint.

Around the web on Bosh: John Jackson of the Chicago Sun Times: Locking up Bosh first also would thwart the grand plan of another of James’ suitors. The Miami Heat’s dream scenario has it re-signing its own free agent, Dwyane Wade, and then adding James and Bosh. An report said those three players met in Miami last weekend, but Wade denied it, saying he was in Chicago all weekend.

This Bloggers Take: Chris Bosh is a polished post player and even if the Nets just sign him (and no other big time free agents), they turn into a contender in the eastern conference, no questions asked.  If I am the Nets’ brass, I go have my meeting with LeBron, and right after I hop on a plane and get to where ever Chris Bosh is.  I even say meet with him before Dwyane Wade.  He’s that important, and his signing could mean a lot of success for the New Jersey Nets…