Nets Escape Slopfest With Win: Nets 102, Suns 100 (Game Grades)


Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Thought he looked great in the first half distributing and then early in the third quarter, but Goran Dragic matched him point for point, pass for pass. These are the matchups he should take advantage of for 48 minutes. Did hit a big layup late to give the Nets a 99-95 lead.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Starting to hit layups finally and dove into the second row after a loose ball, so, that’s pretty solid.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Improved on yesterday’s performance: put down an alley-oop, hit three and-ones (one a 17-foot jumper), rebounded, played mostly decent defense, chased loose balls, scored inside, and looked like the team’s best power forward. (That’s not saying much.)

Also had three airballs and missed a dunk. I’d be remiss not to mention the three airballs and missed dunk.

Brook Lopez CENTER

You’d think he’d have a more dominant game, considering the competition. Drew his share of fouls but missed more easy shots than you’d like and didn’t have an offensive impact when the game drew close.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Did some fun Blatcheian idiogenius things offensively, including a fadeaway scissor-kick jumper and a solid putback on a Kris Humphries airball, but also looked as slow and out of it on the defensive end as we’ve seen all season, and that’s saying something.


Struggles when he’s not surrounded by scorers. He wasn’t surrounded by scorers. Got some good shots but didn’t knock them down.


Couple of nice moments scoring in the first half but oh wow did he get torn up defensively.


For most of the game, Evans didn’t do the one thing the Nets want him to do — rebound — and allowed the Suns to get second chances galore. But Evans picked up two huge rebounds in the final few possessions, including the game-sealing board after a Hamed Haddadi miss that could’ve tied the game.

Also: Evans is not out there to try to go one-on-three in the post multiple times when his teammates are standing around open — and he did just that.


Kept the offense afloat in the fourth quarter, particularly in transition, when no one else could, and picked up some key loose rebounds.