Nets Draft Day: Morning 3-on-3

NBA Draft
Don’t even think about it.

Ah, Nets draft day. The holiest of NBA offseason nights. The 2012 NBA Draft is in less than twelve hours, and the Brooklyn Nets currently have as little to do with it as anyone — they currently hold only the 57th overall pick, reserved normally for reserve reserves.

That said, the Nets draft nights so rarely end where they begin. And to celebrate possibility, Sandy, Chris, and I go around the proverbial table on the potential of tonight’s festivities.

1. Will the Nets draft in the first round?

  • Sandy Dover: No. The Nets have virtually no assets that they’re that they are willing to part with, and the ones that are valuable, the Nets refuse to trade. Additionally, teams don’t want to empower Brooklyn to keep Deron Williams or even think about developing a super-team.

  • Chris Hooker: Absolutely. Avery is rarely so blunt about his offseason strategies when he all but guarantees Nets fans a first-round pick. I think one of two things will happen: The Nets will trade into the lottery or they trade into the back of the first round and do a second deal for a starter. Either way, the Nets end up in the first round. I’d be pretty surprised if Anthony Morrow was still a Net Friday morning.

  • Devin Kharpertian: I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if they do. The Nets have shown interest in a few guys that could fall to the mid-20s, and I’d bet a team looking to save cash would gladly trade a guaranteed contract with unguaranteed success for a few extra million. Billy King is notorious for draft-day trades, and I don’t expect tomorrow to be any different.

2. Over/Under on Nets draft-day trades is…

  • Sandy Dover: 1. I don’t see the Nets doing much because, frankly, they don’t have many assets that they can even afford to part with.

  • Chris Hooker: I’m going with two trades. I think, most likely, the Nets trade in the back of the first round. Then, I think they reel in a starter or excellent backup from a team before the draft even starts. The first one is definitely going to happen, you can book it. My prediction: the Nets will shut some people up by the time the draft is over.

  • Devin Kharpertian: The Nets made two trades last year — one to move up two spots and take MarShon Brooks, and one to secure the rights to Bojan Bogdanovic. I’ll stick with history and say two more come tonight.

3. D-Will: Anything on draft night affect his decision?

  • Sandy Dover: Nothing short of a mega-trade to acquire another star talent will affect his decision. D-Will, I believe, is soundly based in his thinking about what is and what isn’t in his future. He knows the opportunities and limitations of the Brooklyn Nets, and I’m pretty sure the draft will be of null effect when it comes to his future destination.

  • Chris Hooker: Nope. I think D-Will is coming back to the Nets and his mind has already been made up. The only thing I think could sway him away from Brooklyn is if Houston goes out and gets Dwight because, all of a sudden, they have enough cap space to bring them both in and I think Deron really wants to play with his buddy. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen (and I don’t think it will).

  • Devin Kharpertian: Not in the slightest. I don’t see a trade materializing to help the Nets draft in the top five, and nor does Billy King, who said there was “no shot” of that. Nor do I see the mega-deal Dwight Howard reportedly asked for materializing in the next 24 hours. Despite what any random anonymous amoeba leaking from his ear canal might say off the record in the next 72 hours, D-Will’s either made his decision or he hasn’t. I would caution to avoid any hullaballoo regarding his destination until an official report.