Nets Domain Goes Somewhere New: Whoever Owns It Has Weird Ways of Trolling

Jay-Z, Beyonce

Whoever the mystery owner of the domain is is having entirely too much fun with it now.

After directing it at various points in the past few months to (deep breath) the Dallas Mavericks splash page, a standalone page that seemed to be a taunt from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, the New York Knicks splash page, and an unofficial Jay-Z fan site Jay-Z Online, the page now directs to a Business Insider article about Beyonce… and how she’s the best member of the Nets franchise.

The Brooklyn Nets haven’t won a game at home since Beyonce attended their big overtime win over the Knicks on Nov. 26.

Numbers don’t lie. Here’s the Beyonce-No Beyonce split of the team’s home record:

Beyonce in attendance: 3-0
Beyonce not in attendance: 4-4

Beyonce went to the Raptors came on opening night, the Clippers game on the day after Thanksgiving, and the first game against the Knicks. All wins.

She didn’t go to games against the T-Wolves, Thunder, Warriors, and Bucks. All losses.

At this point it’s just getting weird. Sure, that’s a fun article and all, but reminding the Nets that Beyonce is on their side is almost flattering. You really want to annoy the franchise? Point to the box score of the Knicks’ 100-97 victory over the Nets this week. Or some random Bleacher Report article about how Carmelo is the MVP so far. (I’m not looking for it.) Or something implicating Mikhail Prokhorov in political scandal following Vladimir Putin’s oddly substantive Russian political victory. Or Billy King’s history of ridiculous signings in Philadelphia. There’s so much out there, so much trolling to accomplish, and you’re wasting it, odd mystery owner.

Either way I think we can all agree on one thing: Beyonce should go to more Nets games.

(h/t e-mailer Paul)