TBG’s Quest for the Herringbone Contest

VIDEO: LeBron James erupts on Mirza Teletovic after flagrant foul as Teletovic laughs at him
Never forget. (AP)


Hello, readers of The Brooklyn Game! 

As you know, I’ve been the Managing Editor of this puppy since summer’s end, but I’ve missed the generally mandated windows to show my thankfulness. But, hey, 2017, New Year, New Me — right? I’ve quickly learned that running a site like this is much harder than just frequently contributing to it. And while the Brooklyn Nets haven’t cracked double-digit wins yet this season, I’m still having an absolute blast — and that’s all because of you. For every interaction, engagement, or share we get on social media, it’s a direct indication that you all have enjoyed our coverage and, sometimes, our opinions.

It goes without saying, but this website is nothing without you all, so, in the interest of giving back and circumventing the fact that tonight’s game might become an absolute bloodbath, I’d like to run my first-ever site giveaway. I’ve posed a series of questions and tasks for you to compete on over the course of tonight’s Brooklyn Nets-Cleveland Cavaliers showdown. Since the Nets might not have fun tonight, let’s take it upon ourselves to spice it up.

Here’s the prize you’ll all be competing for:

— one/two tickets to your choice of game (max value $30 — hey, let’s find out if this is fun before one of y’all win the lottery)

1/10 vs. Atlanta
1/12 vs. New Orleans
1/17 vs. Toronto
2/13 vs. Memphis (you know I got y’all for a last-second Valentine’s Day gift…)

In order to enter, fill out this simple Google Form with your best answers.

Highest point total based on my factual, opinionated, and sometimes zany scale wins the ticket(s).

You’ve got until tip-off to get full credit on answers.  You may submit after tip, but any answers that are statistic-related will not count. Shoot any questions to me on Twitter @nedough or to the official account @thebkgame, I’d be happy to clarify.

I feel that you’ll find the questions intriguing, intelligent, difficult, and full of reasons to root until the final whistle tonight!

Best of luck and thank you so much for reading! I appreciate you from here to the moon and back!