Nets-Celtics: Looking at your grades


Taking a look at your fan grades from last night’s Nets-Celtics game:

Few brief thoughts:

  • We do seem to agree on one main point: the Bench Mob carried this victory. The three highest grades you guys gave went to the three key bench players that filled in the spots the Nets needed – two bigs and a wing to flank Joe Johnson.
  • I see you guys gave Wallace & Humphries each a B. I gave them each C-level grades. Hard to grade on just a half, though if you’re talking on-court effect I don’t see how Humphries could get a B. If it’s a solidarity thing after getting attacked by Rajon Rondo… that I understand.
  • Not a huge thing, but a bit surprised Joe Johnson’s grade isn’t floating in the A’s somewhere. He hit big shots from the second quarter on to help maintain the lead and did a nice job passing, too. B+ is fine, just surprised.

What do you think? On par? Totally off? Grade ’em and letcha voice be heard.