Nets-Celtics Box Score — The 3 Most Important Numbers

Here’s the full box score, including advanced stats. And analysis from Devin:

1) Jerry Stackhouse’s offensive rating. Look at it. Bask in it. Be careful to respect its glory. And remember that just a game ago, it was 205.

2) Andray Blatche’s offensive rebounding percentage. In 29 minutes, Dray Day AKA Zero Hero grabbed as many rebounds as the entire Celtics team did all game. Think about that for a second. With five positions and 48 minutes in a game, that leaves 240 minutes that the entire C’s squad couldn’t grab more offensive rebounds than Andray Blatche did in 12% of the time.

3) Joe Johnson’s +/-. For once, Jerry Stackhouse didn’t lead the team in +/- (though he did on a per-minute basis, if I want to be grumbly) — it was shooting guard Joe Johnson, who also had the team’s highest +/- in the much closer second half. Indeed it was Johnson who hit big shots and controlled the tempo early and late. Plus-minus is always prone to variance in any one game, but Johnson was a major catalyst in last night’s victory. You could even call him a poor man’s Jerry Stackhouse.

The full box score here.