Nets Breakdown: Brook Lopez Late Turnover Seals Game

Nets Breakdown: Brook Lopez Late Turnover Seals Game

The Nets found themselves trailing the New York Knicks by a point late in a pre-season game and lack of execution on two plays caused their ultimate defeat. On the defensive end, the Nets were trailing 111-112, but a slip up by Jordan Farmar and Anthony Morrow gave the Knicks a wide open three, which they made. Our old friend Sebastian Pruiti takes a much closer look at this play on NBA Playbook, check that out when you have a moment.

On the Nets next trip, down now four 115-111, and with 35 seconds on the clock were in a great position to go for a 2 for 1 opportunity and needed their best quick hitting play, which I do believe they would have had, if executed properly.

For everything we love about Brook Lopez, and there is plenty, its clear he still has some limitations and weaknesses to his game, and in this case its his passing and vision that fails him. Let’s take a closer look:

For this important possession, the Nets have Terrance Williams inbound the ball, Brook Lopez flashes to the high post where he receives it. Jordan Farmar is positioned on what becomes the strong side of the court, and Anthony Morrow (three point shooter, spreading floor) and Kris Humphries (offensive rebounder) are there to balance it out.

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The action calls for upon Williams’ inbounds, to cut hard off Brook. Lopez now has the option to hand the ball off to Williams, to fake the hand-off to Williams and then hit him on the roll to the hoop, or what may have been the Nets best look, hitting Farmar as he curls around the three point line.

Notice here, that Williams’ roll to the hoop causes Farmar’s man, Toney Douglas, to get sucked in to help on Williams (circled in blue). Meanwhile, Farmar does the right thing by curling back towards the ball, distancing himself even more from Douglas (yellow arrow). Also keep in mind that at this point in the game, Farmar had already hit five three pointers and was arguably our best offensive player. The Nets could not have asked for a better look.

Lopez for whatever reason, either does not see Farmar or decides to not pass him the ball.

At this point, Farmar is still open, albeit with Douglas now recovered. With 20 seconds still on the shot clock, the Nets would have enough time to get a quality look. Also, if Farmar was to come get the ball, the Nets would be in good position to get into a pick and roll situation with Farmar and Brook Lopez. Farmar, however, decides to flare out towards the sideline.

And Brook Lopez tries threading a bounce pass between Rony Turiaf and Toney Douglas (both active defenders). This pass does not reach Farmar and is instead intercepted, foiling the Nets great opportunity at a quick score.

Take a look at the following video below to see how it all played in live motion.