Nets Are Scorching TV Episode 4: Tim Donahue

It seems the only thing to talk about regarding the NBA these days is the lockout. As news travels daily from the meetings that David Stern has with the players and owners, terms like: BRI (basketball related income), luxury tax, hard and soft cap  and revenue sharing are dropped on the regular.

If you don’t have someone smart enough to explain it all, it could fly way over your head. So, we decided to have on none other than Tim Donahue from the Pacers blog Eight Points, Nine Seconds to try and make sense of all the finer points of the lockout.

Tim has done extensive writing in regards to the lockout and has even made  his own proposals on what he would do to resolve the situation – both are MUST READS.

So go ahead and enjoy episode four of #NASTV so that the next time someone asks you about the lockout you can sound smart in your answer.

(Also a programming note, we are going to be having our first LIVE episode of Nets Are Scorching TV on Thursday, October 20 at 7:30 pm EST to talk about our Top 44 Nets of All-Time project. So mark it on your calendars and we encourage you to drop by and participate with questions. More info to come!)