Nets Are Scorching TV – Episode 1 – Interview with Anthony Macri

Nets Are Scorching TV – Episode 1 – Interview with Anthony Macri

Last week, I was lucky enough to speak with Oz Davis of and I put up audio of that interview.

My goal, however, was to provide the readers of NAS with video content, which brings us to the (tentatively named) Nets Are Scorching TV.

The idea for this channel is to bring on smart guests and let them speak and educate us all on the game of basketball and/or the Nets. NASTV will hopefully grow and evolve into something bigger, but for now, this first episode is very much a pilot episode. In the future, I hope to work more production into the episodes and possibly expand the content into more than just interviews.

That’s my short little intro for what will hopefully be a longtime feature of this blog.

Now, the first episode. For our inaugural episode, we were lucky enough to be joined by Coach Anthony Macri of the Pro Training Center and

Coach Macri is a professional basketball trainer and has trained NBA players such as Joakim Noah and Luol Deng.

Coach Macri also does a bit of writing and his work is found on in a weekly chat (Monday’s) and a weekly column. He can also be found on twitter, @coachmacri.

The interview is split into two parts:

Part One deals with how Coach broke into the business, as well as the process that goes into athletes working with the coaches at the Pro Training Center.

Part Two talks about what it means to be a “beast” in the NBA, specifically what Brook Lopez needs to do to get better as a player. In part two, I reference a column Coach Macri wrote about how to develop a center, which is found here.