Nets are good at being BAD

The Nets have many BAD players.

John Hollinger is the NBA writersphere’s Stat-O-Matic: he sees a lane unfilled by statistical analysis, and pounces on it. Today he does so with what he calls the “BAD” rating (Insider), or “Below Average Dependency.” Using a formula based on Hollinger’s PER, he deduces how much of a negative impact each team’s BAD players have.

When judging by position, the Nets have by far the worst individual BAD positional rating in the NBA, at the putrid small forward spot: starring Damion James (6.2 PER), Larry Owens (6.1), Shawne Williams (5.1), and DeShawn Stevenson (3.8). (Feel lucky he didn’t include Keith Bogans, who’d add about 650 BAD points to the Nets’ total.) For comparison’s sake, adding the PER’s of all four players would still produce just the 20th-best PER in the league.

The Nets’ overall BAD rating ranks third in the league, behind the Lakers (who, outside of Bynum, Gasol, and Kobe, are almost exclusively BAD) and the Magic (with eight BAD players).