Nets and Nuggets Talking Again

Lots of inevitable stuff going on right now. There’s the Nets 94-80 loss to the Celtics (more on that tomorrow morning) and as sure as the sun rose today, the Nets and Nuggets are engaging each other again about Carmelo Anthony, with the trade deadline just a short time away.

Adrian Wojnarowski has his version, which indicates the Nuggets have reached out to the Nets:

One source described talks as “progressing” and said they have been ongoing between Denver and New Jersey officials for more than a week. While the precise package being discussed was unclear, sources said talks have centered on a scaled-down package that still includes rookie forward Derrick Favors(notes) and draft picks.

What also is unknown is whether Anthony has agreed to accept a three-year, $65 million extension with New Jersey if the Nuggets and Nets work out an agreement.

Never one to miss out on a story, Chris Sheridan reverses the who-called-who angle, and says the Nets reached out to the Nuggets, as if this actually matters except to the contingent of media who will now surely say Mikhail Prokhorov has no principles – since that’a a prerequisite to be a billionaire sports team owner.

Of course Woj’s question is the most important – will ‘Melo sign (we still don’t know). And while we’re at it, the timing of this whole report just seems a bit too convenient for me. Yes the trade deadline is a week from tomorrow, but there is also an increasing feeling of restlessness coming from the Knicks camp over the package they are currently dangling in front of Denver. After watching the Nets meltdown in the fourth quarter against Boston tonight, apart of me is tempted to see how having a player like Carmelo Anthony could change their fate in these games, but I’m sensing these reports are being planted by those who are trying to force the Knicks hand – and knowing the Dolans, it’ll probably work.