Nets 97, Magic 77: Advanced Box Score & Reaction


Check out the advanced box score from Monday night’s 97-77 Brooklyn Nets victory over the Orlando Magic here.

Some brief takeaways after the jump:

  • First and foremost: look at the minutes played for each starting unit. Every Nets starter played below their season average in minutes. Joe Johnson, leading the team with 38 minutes played per game, played just 30 in the blowout. Every other starter played about three minutes less than their season average and sat most of the fourth quarter — in fact, Gerald Wallace & Reggie Evans sat the entire fourth, and only Joe Johnson played even four minutes. Conversely, the shorthanded, under-talented Magic kept their starters in for much longer stretches.

    Look at it this way: the Magic starter with the fewest minutes played (Mo Harkless, 34:05) played more playing time than the Nets starter with the most minutes played (Deron Williams, 33:54). It was just that kind of night.

  • Keith Bogans had exactly the night you want from Keith Bogans: open threes and perimeter defense. He can be your fourth or fifth option that relieves pressure and not a penny more, but when he’s hitting his shots, he fits the role to a T. Of course, when he’s not, his usefulness sharply declines. But with Bogans, they’re always smart shots in the flow of the offense, and usually open. Can’t ask for much better looks.

  • Want to see what happens when your Keith Bogans becomes a primary option? Look no further than J.J. Redick, career 40% shooter from 3 with a career .561 effective field goal percentage, last night: 1-8 from deep last night with a .192 effective field goal percentage. Without much offensive firepower surrounding him & Jameer Nelson, the Nets dogged Redick off screens and blitzed with big men hard outside of the arc, and Redick barely got a good look off all night.

  • Deron Williams shot 8-12 from the field and this is his pretty shot chart:

    He only had one shot from within five feet — a layup that came off their standard down-screen play for Williams, where he got free and Wallace hit him for the easy two — but his outside shot’s back. After the game, Williams said he doesn’t care about the reason, just that he’s shooting better.

  • Until Mirza Teletovic hit two late shots, Nets power forwards (Teletovic, Reggie Evans, and Kris Humphries) started the game 0-8 from the field. On a related note, here’s a discussion of potentially available NBA big men.