NBA Agrees to Deal, Season To Start On Christmas


I’m sitting up at 4:30 in the morning (edit: now 7:00), drunk off happiness, staring at my computer and television screen, trying to soak in every detail about something that doesn’t quite exist yet. I can’t help it. The beauty of the game, the community it fosters, the discussion borne from the sport, the characters, the numbers, the plays, the stories. And, of course, the CBA, that doesn’t mean anything yet.

I’m sitting up because of Ken Berger, of Adrian Wojnarowski, Chris Broussard, Henry Abbott, because of Howard Beck, Zach Lowe, Larry Coon, David Aldridge. I’m blessed to be a part of a wonderful network of writers; not just the TrueHoop Network, but the entire network of basketball writers, bloggers, and thinkers.

Because for some weird reason, basketball matters. And I’d be more eloquent, but it’s 4:30, and there is no way I can think clearly. The words aren’t coming, but the emotions are. And the emotions are stuck reacting to one seven-word phrase that’s just as stuck: “There’s going to be an NBA season.”

There’s going to be an NBA season.

I love you all.

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