Nate Robinson Arrested, TWill in Car

alg_sternThe New York Post is reporting that New York Knick Nate Robinson was busted earlier this afternoon for driving in the Bronx without a license. Newly drafted Net Terrence Williams was in the passenger seat for the incident. According to the Post report, both Nate and TWill were tweeting about the situation earlier this afternoon. Williams wrote, “being pulled over is so funnnnny now I got to go get him mannnnnnnnn.” The posts were later deleted, according to the report.

TWill and Nate appear to be good friends – often referencing each other on Twitter and appearing on a Sirius Radio program together before the NBA Draft. In one of his tweets earlier today, Williams said he was going to speak at Nate Robinson’s basketball camp.

Granted, TWill was not the person arrested today, but there is that old guilt by association label that could dog him. Robinson has had his license suspended five times already. Combine that with a recent article on Slam Online where the writer called TWill’s answers “flippant,” and you have to wonder if we’re dealing with another draft pick with immaturity issues (see: Sean Williams).

Posted by Mark Ginocchio