My Second Favorite Team

Like most of you who read this blog, I live and die with the Nets.  During the season, it seems like there are so many highs and so many lows.  It feels like I age 10 years during a close Nets’ game, and at the end I am both mentally and physically (I tend to jump up and down and yell) exhausted.  I am willing to go through all of this though, because the Nets are in fact my favorite team, the team that I root for.

Earlier this week, the big wigs of the TrueHoop Network asked us about our second favorite team, and it got me thinking about the purpose of a second favorite team and which team is in fact my 2nd favorite team:

The beauty of having a second favorite team is that when you watch them play, you don’t have to be emotionally invested in the game at all.  You can just sit back, watch the game, and enjoy the beauty of the game.   This is why the Golden State Warriors are the perfect “second favorite” team.  With a roster full of young athletic freaks, most notably Monta Ellis, Anthony Morrow, and Anthony Randolph, this team was built to fit in Don Nelson’s “run & gun” system.  Throw rookie Stephen Curry, who in my opinion is so much fun to watch work off of the ball, into the mix and you got a team you can get behind.  These guys will run up the score without even thinking twice about playing defense, and their coach isn’t even bothered by it, as long as they take the ball out of the hoop quickly.  If the Golden State Warriors were my favorite team, that would make me pull my hair out, but they are not, they are my second favorite team.

What do you guys think?  Do any of you guys have a second favorite team?  If so, for what reasons?  Or am I wrong?  Is it completely blasphemous to enjoy watching another basketball team?  Please leave your opinions in the comments.

Posted by Sebastian Pruiti