#MuscleWatch: Lionel Hollins dropped 22 pounds — and counting

Lionel Hollins
The Nets look to reboot under new coach Lionel Hollins. (AP)

Lionel Hollins’s first appearance on the Rachael Ray show, back in March.

If you have an exceptionally good memory about NBA coaches on talk shows, you may remember a program from back in May. Shortly after the Nets season ended, coach Lionel Hollins wrote into the Rachael Ray show, got a spot on the program, and then committed to losing 20 pounds, dropping from 240 to 220.

Four months later, Hollins re-appeared on the show with good news. Hollins dropped 22 pounds on his diet, according to Tim Bontemps of the New York Post, who attended the screening (it will be shown Friday morning at 7 A.M.):

“Before I was out of [coaching for the 2013-14 season], I was about 225,” Hollins said last week after taping the show, which will air in New York Friday at 10 a.m. on Channel 7. “And then I ballooned up doing nothing. So I got the letter to her.”

Hollins worked with Dr. Ian Smith on his “shred” diet, which he said took some time to adjust to.
“It was hard in the beginning, trying to switch,” he said. “You’re trying to eat multiple times a day … I was eating seven times a day.”

But now Hollins will be going on the “super shred” diet after Smith challenged him to lose at least another 10 pounds — getting him close to his playing weight of 205.

If he gets down to his playing weight, hey, the Nets could use another point guard.

New York Post — How Rachael Ray helped Lionel Hollins lose 22 pounds — and counting