More Praise For Brook And Devin’s NBA writer Chris Mannix has just posted his write-up from USA’s Las Vegas minicamp, and like John Schuhmann, his piece included praise for both Devin Harris and Brook Lopez:

Devin Harris: Harris was the most vocal player in camp and showed flashes of the skills that made him an elite defender in Dallas. Harris is ultra quick on offense but the lack of range on his jump shot may inevitably hurt him.

Brook Lopez: The most offensively-skilled center in Vegas, Lopez was impressive in the scrimmage, scoring 18 points on an economical 7-8 shooting. Lopez didn’t get a lot of touches in practices; but if he takes another step forward next season (Lawrence Frank said he plans to make Lopez a big part of the offense in ’09-10), he could emerge as a dark horse candidate.

Devin Harris playing defense?  I know most Nets fans will be surprised to see that, but if Devin can get back to playing defense like he did in Dallas, he will become a complete player.  Also, I have been reading everywhere that Devin was very vocal during this minicamp.  It looks like the Nets found their new leader, and that Devin has already embraced the role.  Oh and reading that Brook will be featured more in the offense (it makes sense, there are going to be a lot more shots avalible to other players now VC is gone) makes me smile.

It is real good to see some Nets get praise in the media.  Mannix still has both Nets listed in his “The possibilities” category, and I agree with Mannix when he says that this upcoming season will be key for both players when it comes to making the US Team.  If they both play well, it is quite possible that the Nets will have two members on the National Team.