More Moving Down Rumors

This time we aren’t talking moving down for Casspi.  Just moving down in general.  This is from the great Dave D’Alessandro:

And yes, they’re still mulling whether they can get as good a player at 18 to 25 (such as Williams) as they could at 11, which would create some trade opportunities.
Toward that end, they’re talking to teams with multiples — Minnesota and Chicago — more than anyone else, with the occasional call to Portland, which wants to move its (24th) pick.

We also know this much: They’re not likely to move up for Jordan Hill or Jonny Flynn, whom they like well enough. . . . just not well enough to move up for them.

Now moving down to take your guy makes sense.  It means that you are going to get to pay your pick less money (this is something that the Nets are really focusing on), plus we may be able to get more picks out of it (and with Rod Thorn that is always a good thing).

I just hope that we aren’t trading down while Earl Clark, James Johnson, or DeJuan Blair is still available.  I like moving down as a second option, but not as a first.

Terrence Williams is working out with us today, and “Physco T” is working out with us on Monday.  I will have some sort of update up on Monday (I am going down to AC this weekend to celebrate the 10,000 hits).