Monday Morning Mailbag

Alright, really impressed with the amount of questions we got, and we weren’t able to get to them all this week.  If we didn’t get to your question this week, we will get to it next week.  Onto the questions:

Andrew Cho:

I just wanted to know what your prediction on our record is. And will Prokhy keep his word? (ship in 5)

Without knowing the schedule, I think the Nets could possibly win 30-35 games this upcoming season (Keep in mind this was my prediction last year).  The Nets improved at every spot, and I still think they weren’t as bad as their 12 wins indicated last year.  As for Prokhy keeping his word, that got a lot tougher with the Heat throwing three top players together and building a nice roster (Mike Miller especially) around them.  I definitely see the Nets going deep in the playoffs by year five, but I don’t know about the championship.

John Katehis:

Do you think it will be better if the Nets make the playoffs (8th seed) and get knocked out in the first round but Brook Lopez and Derrick Favors get playoff experience, or not make the playoffs and maybe get a top 5 even top 10 pick in the 2011 draft.

To me, this is a pretty simple question, and the answer is I’d rather see the Nets in the playoffs.  The atmosphere of playoff basketball is just so amazing, and to see playoff basketball played in an arena where people can get to, will be amazing.  I understand that the Nets have a chance to get a real impact player if they don’t make the playoffs and are entered into the lottery, but the Nets don’t really need that much more young help.  Plus, there is so much talent in college and overseas now, you can get a really good player a couple picks out of the lottery.

Keenan Milbourne

We need a SG who can actualy shoot.  Are we still looking for someone??

In Anthony Morrow, the Nets got one of the best shooters in the league, and the best shooter on the market.  The Nets now have a knockdown shooter on their roster.

Scrapin 240

In every trade scenario, I see that Devin Harris is the player that is chosen as the main chip from the Nets, as he should be.  But, if he goes, who plays the PG position? TWill?  And if both of them are traded?

If Devin gets traded, Jordan Farmar will most likely slide into the starting position with T-Will backing him up.  If the Nets trade both Devin and T-Will, the Nets are in a pretty tough spot.  They are going to still use Farmar as the starter, but they are probably going to have to pick up someone from the D-League to take the back-up minutes (If the Nets don’t get a PG in return in the deal).

Matt Hagemann

Do you think Brook Lopez will be fully recovered by the start of the regular season, is this a good or bad thing that he dropped out of the USA team and lastly what numbers could we expect from Brook this season?

While Brook looked like he was still bothered by Mono during the Team USA scrimmage, I think that he will be fine for the regular season.  Him dropping out is probably a good thing for Nets’ fans, there is a lot of basketball to be played by Team USA this month, and the constant working out, practice, and playing probably won’t allow him enough time to rest up and get healthy.  As for numbers to expect, I think he can put up a 20-10 season.  He put up really good numbers getting doubled teamed and triple teamed every time he touched the basketball.  With better shooters now on the team, he should be facing a lot of single coverage.


The Nets have acquired several new players from free agent signings and the draft. Which player Outlaw, Favors, Morrow, James, Farmar, Petro etc. do you expect to make the biggest impact this season and why?

In my opinion, it is going to be Morrow.  He doesn’t even have to hit shots to have an impact, either.  Just the threat of him there, standing on the three point line is enough to prevent double teams, and as I just said, that will help Brook have an even better season than last year.

Jared Walker

Breaking down both rosters, which team is truly better; The Knicks or the Nets?

It pains me to say it, it really does, but the Knicks probably have the better roster and will have the better record this season.  However, when looking to the future, I think the Nets can quickly catch up and have the better roster.  They still have close to $14 million in cap space, and their best players are young and still developing.

Manuel Martinez

Hey do you think Brook might be an all star this year? i felt like last year he deserved to be a whole lot more then Horford did. but on a 12 win team you need to avg 40 ppg to be an all star.

Word is Al Horford may be moving to the 4 this season, so that clears the way for Brook a bit.  Even if Horford stays at center, Brook is going to have a chance, but man it’s going to be tough.  Dwight Howard is going to be the starter, so that means you have Horford, Lopez, Bogut, and Amar’e (if the Knicks end up playing him at center) all battling for that back-up spot.  In my opinion if these four guys are close at the All-Star break, the player who has the team will end up getting the spot.

I just wanted to know what your prediction on our record is. And will Prokhy
keep his word? (ship in 5)