Monday Morning Mailbag #4

Day in and day out, we here at NetsAreScorching try to provide content that you guys want to read, however, we don’t know what exactly you want to hear about, and some things may fall through the cracks. This is what the mailbag is for. Every Monday we are going to be answering questions from you the reader, don’t be afraid to e-mail your questions to [email protected].

Welcome to the fourth edition of the NetsAreScorching Mailbag.  In this week’s edition we look at the Carmelo Trade, Damion James, Jordan Farmar, and the slim pickings in the Nets’ team store.  Let’s get started.

Manuel Martinez

Would you rather trade for Melo and give up practically all our assets maybe leading us to mediocre playoff team (which some Nets fans think this will happen if we make the trade since we will no longer have flexibility, but i dont) or just keep our roster intact this season and let our young guys grow together and form chemistry and continue building our team through the draft?

That’s tough, but I think the Nets would end up making this trade for a ton of assets, and I would actually be ok with it.  Part of the reason why you build assets like younger players and picks is so you can make yourself available to take advantage of teams in a position to deal one of their best players.  The only problem I would have is if Brook Lopez was to be included in the deal.  This is because the team wouldn’t even be competitive, let alone make the playoffs, if Carmelo were to come over with Brook Lopez going in the other direction.  If the Nets can somehow get Carmelo without including Brook they would have a future front-line of Carmelo, Derrick Favors (can’t be traded for a year, so he is staying), and Brook Lopez.  Pretty solid if you ask me.

How comfortable would you be with Farmar as our starting PG if we do get Melo for a package including both Harris and T Will?

I’d be ok with it.  Farmar wouldn’t be asked to do what Devin will have to do if Carmelo doesn’t come over.  That is score and get the Nets into their offense.  There would be so much scoring power in the front court that all Farmar would have to do is bring the ball up, get the Nets into their offense, and hit an open shot here or there.

John Katehis

What kind of NBA player do you see Damion James developing into and what NBA player does he remind you of. He reminds me of Gerald Wallace, a good defender, a good rebounder, but ok (streaky) offensively. Also they both can play at the SG, SF, and PF position, and both are 6-7 and 220 lbs. What do you think?

For me, it is hard to call him a Gerald Wallace type player especially when we haven’t seen James play as a pro yet.  Also, I think it would be a stretch to say he can play the shooting guard position.  James isn’t the best ball handler, and if he is playing the two, he would be required to handle the ball a ton.  This year, I am just looking for James to contribute on the defensive end of the court.  Anything else is an added bonus.

Blake Ratcliff

Why is the Nets’ official online store so bare?  And who is to blame for that?  If you take a look at the Nets’ store, and then look at the online stores for really any other team, you see that the Nets offer some Lopez gear but little else–and there’s absolutely nothing for the newly signed free agents at all.  The draft picks and some returnees have some jerseys at least.  A rundown, because this is laughable: there are 3 T-shirts, and two are discounted below half-price, and one discounted longsleeve shirt; 4 hats, with 3 super-discounted and the other one the draft hat; two items of ladies apparel, both super-discounted; and very weak assortment of the usual NBA novelty crap.  While there is no shortage of Nets gear around the internet, this situation strikes me as strange…that a team that’s redefining itself and generating a buzz would do so without stepping up their merchandise…especially this marketing-savvy bunch.  Where’s a shirt with the “Blueprint for Greatness” image on it?  Where is the Troy Murphy gear?  Even some clever shirt with just Prokhorov’s half-smile on it would probably sell.  What do you think the team’s delay in updating the site has been, and do you think it’s related to the proposed name change at all?  Is a big, new relaunch on its way, do you think?  I just can’t believe this has fallen through the cracks.  Right now, they cannot be waiting on a new logo/name/color scheme.

In my opinion, it is going to take some time for stuff to get into the team store.  I mean think about it, there are only four players on the team from last year.  From the limited knowledge I have of team stores, they usually wait until they can fill a large number of orders before putting up things for sale.  By the time the season starts, I expect to see Murphy, Favors, Outlaw, and Morrow jerseys in the team store.

As for T-Shirts with Prokhorov’s face on it.  It strikes me as something he wouldn’t be for.