Monday Morning Mailbag #2

Day in and day out, we here at NetsAreScorching try to provide content that you guys want to read, however, we don’t know what exactly you want to hear about, and some things may fall through the cracks.  This is what the mailbag is for.  Every Monday we are going to be answering questions from you the reader, don’t be afraid to e-mail your questions to [email protected].

The first edition of the Monday mailbag was so successful that we decided to do it again and turn it into a weekly feature.  Today, we are going to talk about Rod Thorn to the Sixers, Troy Murphy coming to the Nets, the playoffs, and Brook Lopez’s contract.  Onto the questions…

Keenan Milbourne

What’s up with Rod Thorn going to the Sixers???  Something’s fishy.  Making me  really start thinking that something went down between him and the owner.  Can  you expound?  Please?????

I was totally expecting for Thorn to take another job, mainly because when Rod Thorn announced he was leaving, he made sure to mention that he wasn’t “retiring.”  I think that the way that Prokhorov and Avery Johnson wanted to build the team was different than what Rod Thorn wanted to do, and that lead to his departure.  Thorn probably wanted to conserve cap space going into the new CBA instead of building a team that can compete for the playoffs (If Thorn was still around, the Murphy trade doesn’t go down).  I don’t think there was any animosity, and as NetsDaily reported, Prokhorov worked hard to keep Thorn, but it was just a difference of opinion.  Was I surprised that he signed with the Sixers?  At first, yes because there weren’t any rumors or anything like that.  However, when you take a closer look, it does make sense.

Jesse Voremberg

Hey NAS,

Brook Lopez is essentially guaranteed to be with us through the   2011-12 season, and then he has a 4.1 million qualifying offer for   2012-13.  There is no doubt in my mind (unless of course some disaster   happens) that the Nets need to resign Lopez with a long contract   extension, perhaps for another 5-6 years.  Do you think the Nets,   under the new management and ownership, will extend however much money   is necessary to retain Lopez before he is a FA?  If so, what would this contract look like?

This is going to be something to look out for.  It is so hard to say what will it take to keep Brook in New Jersey because of how up in the air the CBA is.  Rumor has it that owners want less money and years to be the max, and if that happens it will change the value of just about every player in the NBA.

While the exact numbers/years up in the air, I totally expect the Nets to be willing to do whatever it takes to sign Brook Lopez.  He just recently turned 22, and put up 18.8 points and 8.6 rebounds a game in just his second season.  He is still pretty raw (at least in the low post) and I think he has a chance to put up a 20/10 season.  Big men like Brook are few and far in between and I think the Nets’ front office realizes that.

Manuel Martinez

Hey do you think that adding Murphy makes us a playoff team?

This is the question of the week.  After the trade that sent Troy Murphy to the Nets, Nets fans have been buzzing about the playoffs this year.  I think there is a chance that the Nets do make the playoffs, but guys have to play to their abilities and fit their roles.  Terrence Williams needs to be that dynamic playmaker we saw at the end of the year, Anthony Morrow needs to be that sharpshooter the Nets expect him to be, Devin Harris needs to return to All-Star form, and Brook Lopez needs to take the next step in his development.  Can it happen?  Yes.  Is it a guarantee?  Not at all.

Keenan Milbourne