Monday Morning (Err…Afternoon) Mailbag #7

Day in and day out, we here at NetsAreScorching try to provide content that you guys want to read, however, we don’t know what exactly you want to hear about, and some things may fall through the cracks. This is what the mailbag is for. Every Monday we are going to be answering questions from you the reader, don’t be afraid to e-mail your questions to [email protected].

How’s it going everyone?  The mailbag is a little bit late, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking quality.  Today we look at Derrick Favors, NBA Jam, and Andre Iguodala…


Earlier in the year, you had a section called “Nets will make the playoffs if…” One of the answers was about Derrick Favor’s development. A recent post on NAS said that his improvement has been “incredible.” Do you think Avery will give the kid minutes throughout the season and let him develop?

He’ll get his minutes.  Early on, Favors is going to be that off of the bench, energy type of player spelling Murphy and focusing his energy primarily on the defensive end.  As his offensive game improves, you will probably see his minutes increase as the season goes on.  Favors is a tremendous talent, and with a team that more than likely won’t compete for the playoffs, you will see him get more minutes than if he played on a playoff caliber team.


Hello.  Forgetting about Melo for a moment, what do you think about the Nets trying to acquire Andre Iguodala, as I see both TWill and Morrow as great guys coming of the bench.  I think Andre would fit in greatly with Avery’s defensive system, and would provide us with another solid scorer.  Everyone knows Philly would trade him, and I believe we will have the cap space for him – do you think the Nets should or would be interested?

I love Andre Iguodala as a player and he showed in the World Championships that he can be a third banana and focus all of his energy on the defensive end.  The problem is that damn contract.  Not only is it bloated, but he is under contract for another four years (that fourth year is a player option for $15 million – no way is he turning that down).  The Nets are a team with a lot of cap space moving forward and are very flexible, there is no way that they would be willing to take that contract. Then again, Billy King is our GM now…


With the roster to the new NBA Jam being finalized before the courtney lee trade, and having the option to replace him(aside from on the wii system) who would be your top 3 choices, and why?

Wow, this is a tough one, you have three real strong options.  You have the high-flier, Terrence Williams who would be great to play with in NBA Jam.  You have the deadly three point shooter in Anthony Morrow, and you have the defensive guy you can push everyone around with in Travis Outlaw.

As a guy who was a spot up three point shooter in high school, I am sort of leaning towards Morrow.  However, I can’t deny the fact that T-Will’s style of play is suited for the NBA Jam arcade type of game.  He is probably going to be the guy.