Mirza Teletovic — Ultimate Nets Highlight Mix

Mirza Teletovic got some awful news Friday morning: a diagnosis of bilateral pulmonary embolus (multiple blood clots in the lungs) and the necessary treatment of blood thinners that ruled him out for the 2014-2015 season.

He’ll now spend an unclear amount of time recovering in Los Angeles, and so we at The Brooklyn Game thought we’d give him at least one thing to do for five and a half minutes: watch some of his best Nets highlights since joining the team in 2012. After all, we know he checks his YouTubes.

Teletovic is a free agent at the end of this season, and may have played his last game in a Nets uniform. He developed over three years in Brooklyn from a player who struggled to crack the rotation to the team’s most fearsome three-point shooting threat. We gave him the nickname “Fearza”, but his play also entered “MT3” and “S’Parkinga” (range from the parking lot) into the lexicon.

To Mirza Teletovic: get better soon. To he and all: enjoy.

Video, as always, by The Brooklyn Game video coordinator Cody Hart.