Minimum salary for 2011-12 reduced to 80% of cap

via Ken Berger:!/KBergCBS/status/144541354935066627

That drops the minimum salary requirements for all teams this offseason from $49.3 million to $46.4 million, requiring the Nets to spend just about $5 million in free agency & trades this offseason. (Note: that number does not include Jordan Williams’s contract, which is still unannounced but presumably somewhere around the league minimum.)

While it may not change much, since the Nets have a few roster spots to fill and will likely reach the $49.3 million mark regardless, it’s a nice change that could help the Nets rein in spending in this free agency market.

More to come on free agency in about 30 minutes, when we kick off #NASTV’s weekly episode. Stay tuned.