Mikhail Prokhorov Set To Take Over Today

As everyone has probably read already, there are a number of reports that the current NBA owners are voting on Mikhail Prokhorov’s bid to become the owner of the New Jersey Nets.  According to Julian Garcia, Prokhorov is going to need 75% of the vote, and if he gets it, Prokhorov will be the man in charge:

Prokhorov would become the league’s first non-North American owner and also its second-richest, behind Portland‘s Paul Allen. According to Forbes‘ most recent list of wealthiest people in the world, Prokhorov is worth approximately $13.4 billion – a fortune that has the Nets and their fans hopeful they will quickly turn around the 12-70 record they compiled this season. “It’s been coming for some time but it looks like it’s about to come to fruition,” said Nets president Rod Thorn, who is expected to get a new contract shortly after Prokhorov takes over.

I think everyone is assuming that the 75% vote is going to happen (because we probably would have heard something about it if it didn’t happen), and when it does we are going to be going from one of the stingiest owners in the league, to one who is set to be the most willing to spend.

Things have been exciting for Nets’ fans and he hasn’t even taken over yet.  There is talk of taking over a D-League team in a hybrid deal (something that some of the best run teams do), talk of throwing money at a big name coach, and talk of Prokhorov to do whatever it takes to put the best team out there.  It is going to be funny to see how Nets’ fans (including myself) handle the change.  I have been on the record here (and other places) saying that I think Eddie Jordan would be a really good fit as coach for the Nets, should I change who I want to see the Nets go after because Prokhorov is taking over?

One thing is for sure, Prokhorov cares about winning, and he is set to become a hands on owner (He even wants to represent the Nets at the Draft Lottery next week).  I am almost willing to compare him to Mark Cuban in that regard, and you have seen how well it has worked for the Mavs.  10 straight 50 win seasons?  Sign me up for that.